WRTnode2R - Mini Openwrt Devboard

WRTnode2R - Mini Openwrt Devboard WRTnode2R - Mini Openwrt Devboard è una board di sviluppo per soluzioni legate all'Internet delle Cose e compatibili con Arduino.

WRTnode2R - Mini Openwrt Devboard, ulteriori informazioni

Bigger RAM, bigger ROM: almost a destop Linux
Duo-core & Duo-OS, mixed-up the incalculable Linux development resources and the real-time application
Arduino in javascript or python or any script in Linux
Making robot, making physical interaction, all in one and all in smooth

RAM expansion 4 times to 256MB than WRTnode1

Rom expansion 2 times to 32MB than WRTnode1

Power consumption is reduced by 50% compared with WRTnode1

Smaller 30% than WRTnode1

Directly in the OpenWrt to simulate the acquisition, providing more than 14 native PWM, providing nearly 50 GPIO

Provide Arduino compatible with API in Linux, and provide the script (node.js\python, etc.) environment call them, lower hardware development threshold

MCU real-time control, which can realize the precise millisecond level response delay control, MCU using RT-THREAD real-time system



MTK MT7688AN mips24k 580Mhz



STM32F103T8U6, 5*ADC 12bit, 26*GPIO

10*PWM@36MHz, CAN, 3*timers

5*100Mbps Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11n 150Mbps


SPI master/slave

SD-XC for micro-SD

4*PWM + 10*PWM(provide by MT7688 and STM32F103)

I2S (192K/24bit)

46*GPIO(provide by MT7688 and STM32F103)

Size 60*29mm

In standard miniPCI interface package, for integration of the products


OpenWrt based on CC 15.05

The default network segment changed to

Add WWAN port of apcli0 for the default WiFi repeater mode, and additional WRTnode series wireless management tools: aps/vw/ia, to manage the wireless connection

Add and adopt the MTK original drive ralink-wifi, ralink-ralink-mt76x8 for OpenWrt CC

Add WRTnode2R devices (DTS and related configuration), update the SPI driver

Add flash-stm for online burning STM32 chip, spi-bridge for online controlling STM32 chip.

MCU using RT-Thread v2.1.0 beta

Porting Maple to provide Arduino API (functions) compatibility

provides bootloader for OpenWrt burnning the STM32 firmware

Package Included:

WRTnode2R *1

WRTnode2R standerd shield *1

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