LittleBits Electronics CloudBit Starter Kit

LittleBits Electronics CloudBit Starter Kit LittleBits Electronics CloudBit Starter Kit contains the CloudBit plus 5 prototyping modules, everything you need to create internet-connected devices making it a solution for your projects for the Internet of Things.

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LittleBits CloudBit Starter Kit: Snap the Internet to Anything. This kit is the easiest and fastest way to turn any dumb thing into an internet-connected smart device, giving you the power to make what smart objects are important to you. The kit contains 6 of our favorite prototyping modules, including the CloudBit, which is everything you need to get started. Make a remote pet feeder! Use text messages to turn lights on and off! Perfect for hackers, designers, makers and tinkerers of all levels--without the programming, soldering and wiring normally required. Works out of the bag and also works seamlessly with all other littleBits products.

Create Solutions to Day-to-Day Challenges. There are problems you have that no big company will solve for you. Just because it's unique to you doesn't mean it's not worth solving. Use littleBits to retrofit your life and make it better for you. If you never hear the doorbell, then hack it so it sends you a text instead. Does your roommate always forget to buy toilet paper? Hack it so that when you're on your last roll, an order automatically gets placed. Well show you how--no programming, soldering or wiring required.

6 modules that give you everything you need to make powerful internet connected devices: CloudBit, USB Power, Long LED, Servo, Sound Trigger, Button. Accessories included: wall power adapter (connects USB power to outlet), 2 mounting boards, 1.5m usb cable (connect USB power to computer). Comes in littleBits canvas bag.

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