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Seeedstudio Seeeduino Cloud Seeedstudio Seeeduino Cloud is a platform based on the Dragino HE module and compatible with Arduino Yun that uses OpernWRT for projects of various kinds connected to WiFi, included those connected to the Internet of Things.

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Seeeduino Cloud is an Arduino-compatible, microcontroller board based on the Dragino Wi-Fi IoT module (HE) and the ATmega32u4. The Dragino HE module is a high performance, low-cost, 2.4G W-Fi module that runs the OpenWRT version of linux. The Seeeduino Cloud is 100% compatible with the Arduino-YUN board. In addition to the normal Arduino interface, the Seeeduino Cloud also includes built-in Ethernet, Wi-Fi support, and a USB-A port. These features combine to make this device and excellent starting-point for prototyping designs that require network connection and mass storage. The Seeeduino Cloud is also the ideal device for use as an IoT gateway -- i.e. for connectivity to a wireless network and the Internet.

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