Linux hardware and manuals

There are many web sites and newsgroups containing resources about Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and free / open source software in general: here are some sites divided in categories.


If you're interested in products for the Internet of Things, there a specific section.

In recent years, Linux users have been tinkering with micro-computers and controllers.
The most famous micro-computer on the market today is the Raspberry Pie. Guides and news about the Raspberry Pi, its possible uses, the Linux distributions available for it and other pieces of hardware you can use with it are available on the project site.

Among the micro-controllers, Arduino is becoming more and more used among hackers and people who want to learn some electronics. Guides and news about the Arduino micro-controllers and kits, their possible uses, the software available to program and control them and other pieces of hardware you can use with them are available on the project site.

Books and manuals

Amazon U.S.A., Amazon UK and Amazon Canada have several books and manuals about Linux, FreeBSD and to the basis of free / open source software if you want to look into their philosophy.

In "Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary", Linus Torvalds tells how he invented the Linux operating system.

He also wrote the essay "The Hacker Ethic: A Radical Approach to the Philosophy of Business".

Richard Stallman is one of the founders of the GNU project and wrote several essays about free software.

Eric S. Raymond is one of the most famous open source advocates and wrote the famous essay "The Cathedral and The Bazaar".